Dullmea is a musician and composer exploring the myriad of possibilities for voice and electronics since 2016.

She released Keter (2016), Hemisphaeria (2019) and [dʊl’mjə̯] (2020) a work-in-progress album, Orduak (2021), LOGLIBRO N​-​RO. 01, Live at Sinsal Outono 2022, Lloc Comú (2023) and Ñe’ẽsẽ (2024).

Among others, Dullmea has performed live at Nijmegen (NL), Eindhoven (NL), Wien (AT), Turin (IT), Barcelona (ES) – LEM Festival, São Paulo (BR) – MAC, Berlin (DE), Copenhagen (DK), Milton Keynes (UK) – Paula Rego exhibition “Obedience and Defiance”.

She also composes music for theatre.

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